Welcome to my logbook


We want big boob…. not too big, gross

we like small perky boob… not too little, gross

no don’t get fake ones!!!! gross!

oh your boobs are just like…hanging there…grosss…

and also…… every boob is just so dang sexy like i can’t see a mom giving an infant milk or my boner will rupture right through my chinos



 I didn't sleep too long, because I think it was only around ten o'clock when I woke 
up. I felt pretty hungry as soon as I had a cigarette. The last time I'd eaten was those two 
hamburgers I had with Brossard and Ackley when we went in to Agerstown to the 
movies. That was a long time ago. It seemed like fifty years ago. The phone was right 
next to me, and I started to call down and have them send up some breakfast, but I was 
sort of afraid they might send it up with old Maurice. If you think I was dying to see him 
again, you're crazy. So I just laid around in bed for a while and smoked another cigarette. 
I thought of giving old Jane a buzz, to see if she was home yet and all, but I wasn't in the 

 What I did do, I gave old Sally Hayes a buzz. She went to Mary A. Woodruff, and 
I knew she was home because I'd had this letter from her a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't 
too crazy about her, but I'd known her for years. I used to think she was quite intelligent, 
in my stupidity. The reason I did was because she knew quite a lot about the theater and 
plays and literature and all that stuff. If somebody knows quite a lot about those things, it 
takes you quite a while to find out whether they're really stupid or not. It took me years to 
find it out, in old Sally's case. I think I'd have found it out a lot sooner if we hadn't necked 
so damn much. My big trouble is, I always sort of think whoever I'm necking is a pretty 
intelligent person. It hasn't got a goddam thing to do with it, but I keep thinking it 

 Anyway, I gave her a buzz. First the maid answered. Then her father. Then she 
got on. "Sally?" I said. 

 "Yes--who is this?" she said. She was quite a little phony. I'd already told her 
father who it was. 

 "Holden Caulfield. How are ya?" 

 "Holden! I'm fine! How are you?" 

 "Swell. Listen. How are ya, anyway? I mean how's school?" 

 "Fine," she said. "I mean--you know." 

 "Swell. Well, listen. I was wondering if you were busy today. It's Sunday, but 
there's always one or two matinees going on Sunday. Benefits and that stuff. Would you 
care to go?" 

 "I'd love to. Grand." 

 Grand. If there's one word I hate, it's grand. It's so phony. For a second, I was 
tempted to tell her to forget about the matinee. But we chewed the fat for a while. That is, 
she chewed it. You couldn't get a word in edgewise. First she told me about some 
Harvard guy-- it probably was a freshman, but she didn't say, naturally--that was rushing 
hell out of her. Calling her up night and day. Night and day--that killed me. Then she told 
me about some other guy, some West Point cadet, that was cutting his throat over her too.